Saturday, 14 April 2018

How to Stop Smoking Cigarettes Tips

How to stop smoking cigarettes tips

Want to leave bad habit of smoking and take your life to next level? Want to save money which you are wasting on smoking. Read the following tips / suggestions and you will find the tips which resonate with your mind.

Do plenty of exercise .it might be running, walking or any kind of sports

-Plenty of water-stay hydrated
Take plenty of water and stay hydrated all the time.

-Book reading
Exercise is for body and reading is for mind to work properly & stay motivated and focused.

-Talk with friends and family-grand’s
Spend some time with love one and family members. Kids, siblings, mom, dad or grandparents. Call your bestie, aunty or uncle.

-Take tea
When you feel urge for cigarette .make a cup of tea or think about taking tea or green tea. You can also soft drinks but it is also sort of Addiction.

-Bubble gum
Buy a packets of gum and start chewing it when your feel craving of smoking

-Stay busy
Stay busy in your extra activities and don't stay alone in home or bed room.

-Don't get together with cigarette smoker
Stay away from smoker community and spend less time with them.

-Play games
Paly games when free on your smartphone and avoid being bored.

-Swear and commitment
Commit to yourself and swear to not smoke for at-least short period of time. Don’t make too much long and impractical commitments.

-Don't eat too much
Don’t eat too much food. Take what is your need and don't over eat. Too much eating is addiction. You can't afford to lose one addiction and adopt another addiction. It is very poor choice.

-Use lemon water
Use lemon water and squeeze one lemon or two in water. Lemon water your shift your mouth environment and you will stop feeling like mad

-Don't allow yourself alone
Don’t be alone at home or at office. Be with friends and stay engaged with community. Do some charity work? Teach kids, help with their homework or illiterates.

-Don't think about cigarette instead think about your girlfriend or loved one
Shift your thought pattern and don't force yourself to not think about cigarette. Instead think about your loved one. Think about times when you get feel good .think about your bright future.

-Use to listen a lot
Listen to podcasts, self-help books and shows. Don’t be addicted to music or any other type of audios.

-Be patient
It take time to change deep rooted habits. Don’t rush and it will not be easy to lose bad habits.Be prepare for worse things in front. Be the end result will be more fascinating and interesting.

-It is simple but not easy
It is simple to take lose bad habits but not easy to leave it. Your mind will used to it with passage of time.

-Why is it important for you?
Why to take action to leave cigarette and put yourself in trouble. Because it is important for you. You need and deserve to break old, immature unproductive and self-sabotaging habits and create new and productive habits. Which will take you and your quality of life to next level.

-Imagine your mom is warning you in loved tone to leave it
Imagine a scenario where your mom, kid, baby or loved one is warning you’re in loved tone voice to stop smoking. Because they don't want to see on bed. Dying from lung cancer or another deadly disease.

-Now it’s your turn
Now it’s your turn to think which is useable for you and can be able to take action for at-least 30 days.

Feel free to let us know your thoughts and we will be more than happy to add your tip and suggestion to this article.

Friday, 13 April 2018

Productive Things to Do at Home | Life changing

Productive things to do at home

Want to be more productive at home? It’s not easy when you have no boss or instructor. However you need to outsmart your brain and be more productive. In the following line I will share with you some tips and tricks. I am planning to share my action plan with you for free.

Take baby steps when learning new things. Start taking very small steps which need zero well power/motivation level.
Feel free to experiment and find out what works best for you.

Take proper breaks and find your peak hours

Don't try to be perfect. Just do it. Perfection will come to you with practice and time. ?

Don't listen to anyone .Create your own plan and follow it.

Take action everyday .Why? It is the easiest way to auto polite .Your brain has 2 parts: A) Autopilot B) Emergency brakes

What do I mean by Autopilot? Your brain will automate everything (job, exercise, driving etc.) after sometime to save brain power and use it for
Important tasks.

Motivation is garbage .Just take action and with time your brain will used to it and consider it normal routine task.

Motivation will never come to you. It is waste of time. Just start taking action and move on.

Your brain don't want to make you uncomfortable. It loves you more than your mom and dad. Remember your girlfriend don't love or need you. She only need your bank balance.

-Pending tasks
Complete your pending tasks. Office work, pay bills etc.

Clean your home curtains, socks

Clean your work table and room

You have free time. Start downloading good stuff for watching later

Listen to podcasts and don't go near to music and other garbage

Read your favorite blog and start learning

-Not sleeping
Sleeping is not important than your health and mind growth

-Talking with grand Parents
Spend some time with your grandparents and make them feel good.

-Helping mom
Help your mom in kitchen.

Want to take your life to next level? Start learning and studying. It shouldn't be like collage or school study.

-Watch motivational videos
Open Google and find some motivational stuff. Watch something motivating.

-New Skill
Start learning programming or content writing .whatever you like and take baby steps

Don't want to pay doctor bill and don't want to spend life in hospitals and clinics. Start a daily exercise routine.

Exercise for brain is meditation. It will improve your life and productivity

 What to do now?Go and take action and start doing it more and more what you like most.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Don't see volume for Google's Searches Related to Keywords? Keyword Everywhere Problem March 2018

 Keyword Everywhere Problem March 2018

Don't see volume for Google's Related Keywords?

I am in seo industry and extensivly using keyword everywhere everyday.

It is and Essentail tool for SEO's. A quick google search didn't return any result.But I come to know that Google has made some changes to SERP's Results.

In result Keyword EveryWhere is not working and Hope so it will be fixed shortly by Keyword Everywhere team.

Don't see volume for Google's Related Keywords? Keyword Everywhere Problem March 2018

Google has made some changes recently that have broken this functionality. They are working on a fix.While they fix we can do some other work.

Mean while you can use other features of  keyword Everywhere.Google search box Volume feature is working.

Also you can copy keywords and use "Bulk Upload " Option of Keyword EveryWhere.

I know it is a big luxury for SEO's and we can't live without this option.However what will do if keyword Everywhere become paid tool.Will you it ?

I am lazy due to this wonderful tools.Now can't live without this tool.

Keyword is also a good option.

Tell me what other keyword research tools you are using.If you any other alternative feel free to share with us.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Steemit Tutorial 2018 : Will Make You Tons Of Cash. Here's How!

Do you want to make some extra bucks while using social media?
Do you want to earn money online ?Steemit is the best place to start with.

Why steemit pays you ?

Steemit is a social media and microblogging plateform.Unlike facebook and twitter it share part of the revenue to their user community.

Unlike other social plateform which ask money for boosting.

Does it like adsense?

No it is not like adsense .Adsense is google product which purpose is to be a middle man between publishers and advertisers.

Steemit is a pretty new but popular social media and blogging plateform.But steemit is using "Steem Blockchain".

Steem BlockChain is the one of the blockchain technology owned by steemit plateform.

Note:blockchain is the same the technology which cryptocurrency is using now a days to store crypto coins.

Steemit plateform has its own cyptocurrency called STEEM.

what is Author Rewards and Curations Rewards?

Authors are rewarded on steemit by writing valuable piece of information or by posting a worthy comment.

Remember one word "valuable".If your post or comment is considered worthy and upvote by someone .

you will get your share otherwise posting spamming and crappy content will not give you anything but harm.

One more thing is worth mentioning which is "Curation" Reward.When you UPVOTE a post or comment .

You will be rewarded also due to your contribution and appreciation.Your Upvote is valuable for the community and you are rewarded by plateform.

What to do now ?
Join steemIt and start reaping the rewards.

How to join steemit?
It is made very simple by SteemIt plateform.Just create account and update your profile and add a good profile image.And you are done with it.

Friday, 15 December 2017

Surah Yaseen Pdf with Urdu Translation -Surah al yasin urdu Tarjuma Ke Sath

Surah Yaseen Pdf With Urdu Translation

Surah yaseen pdf urdu translation

You can read surah yasin with urdu translation.

Heart of Quran-e-Kareem Full Yaseen Shareef, heart of quran, Meaning of Yaseen Shareef, quran ka dil, sorat yaseen, sorat yaseen shareef, surah yaseen

Surah Yasin with Urdu translation is pdf featuring the full verses of Surah Yaseen along with their Urdu translation. Surah Yasin is one of the Qurani Surahs that Muslims love ...

Why do you want to read sorat yasin tarjma ka sat

1.For barkat

2.Any other reason ?

 surah yaseen pdf with urdu translation
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urdu translation of surah yaseen
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surah al yaseen pdf
sura e yaseen with urdu translation
surah yaseen in urdu
surah yaseen with urdu translation
surah yaseen in urdu pdf
yasin pdf
surah e yaseen with urdu translation
surah yaseen full pdf
surah yasin pdf with urdu translation

सूरह यासीन का तर्जुमा
surah yaseen urdu translation pdf

Comment your answer below.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Nimra Ahmed Novels List Urdu Download Free

Nimra Ahmad Novels List Download Free

Nimra Ahmad is famous female Urdu Novel Writer.I love her writing style that is why I compiled a list "Nimra Ahmed Novels List Download Free".Her novels are very famous and interesting.The only purpose of reading Nimra Ahmad novel is entertainment and sometime gaining some knowledge.

She know to mingle islam and culture in her writing.She know how to play with the thoughts of public through her novel .She is expert in doing and manipulating public mind in good or bad way.

(LIST) Available novels at our page Free (Nimra Ahmad)

Nimra Ahmed Novels List Download Free

1. Mere Khawab Mere Jugnu by Nimra Ahmed

2. Paras By Nimra Ahmed

3. Karakoram Ka Taj Mehal By Nimra Ahmed
4. Wo Mera Hai By Nimra Ahmed
5. Namal Full Novel
6. Ahmaq Tamashai by Nimra Ahmad
7. Apni ungli by Nimra Ahmed
8. Mehr Un Nisa by Nimra Ahmed
9. Sans Sakin Thi by Nimra Ahmed
10. Mushaf by Nimra Ahmed
11. Beli Rajputan Ki Malika By Nimra Ahmed
12. Jannat Kay Pattay By Nimra Ahmed
13. Guman by Nimra Ahmed
14. LaPata By Nimra Ahmed

15. Had By Nimra Ahmad
16. iblees by Nimra Ahmad
17. Pahari Ka Qaidi by Nimra Ahmed

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Windows vs Linux –Why to use both OS

Windows vs Linux –Why to use both OS

Want to show you some difference between windows and Linux. Although comparing both OS’s wouldn’t be a good idea. But a rough comparison is given below for the interest of general public. If you are a window enthusiast I will advise you to have a look at the feature of Linux and vice versa.

Windows vs Linux –Why to use both OS

Linux is free and hundreds of distributions are available for free downloads. It’s up to you if you use it or not. However window is costly and its price is $99 to $ is free if you are a student.

Ease of use
The popularity of window is due to ease of use as compared to Linux. However some Linux distributions like Ubuntu and Linux mint are user friendly and migration from window to Linux will be welcoming.

When it comes to reliability Linux is best and window can’t compete with Linux .it is super secured and with better process managements.

However you can find any type of software for both window and Linux. But Linux has less number of commercial software and windows have more paid software’s. However both have good number of free and paid software. But Linux has little bit more free software.

Software cost
All software for windows are not free and some are very costly like adobe products and simulation software’s. However most of the software for Linux is free.

Windows is not good for old hardware and you will find problem and issues running windows on old hardware. Also most hardware developer tends to provide drivers for windows and Linux is waiting for enthusiast to create driver for their Linux distribution.

Linux is far more secure than windows. User who needs reliability and security prefer Linux over windows. Most of the Trojan and malware are created for windows as compared to Linux. Linux is more secure because source code is free and it is easy for developers to speculate bugs and fix it in no time.

There are hundreds and thousands of support forums are available for both Os. But most of the windows support is paid and easily available as compared to Linux. Linux online forums are best and cheap source of helping and support.

User case
Users tend to use windows for most of the time because it is easy to use. However scientist and other professional would love to use Linux because you can achieve more in fewer budgets and less time.

Both operating systems are worth trying. We can’t compare both OS. Both are best for the job. It is totally your personal choice what to use and what to not is all up to your need and requirements. However Linux is economical to use and on the other hand window is easy for newbies.

Don’t forget to show your response in comments below. Also I will be willing to improve this article upon your comments. If you have any suggestion, feel free to comment below.Also don’t forget to share this article on social media.